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Over 20 years as a Family Business

Our People

The Meerwalds

The Sounness Family

Jordan and Steve




Tamgaree Kikuyu started out as a family business and remains a family business under the new ownership. Steve Meerwald and his family are appreciative of the opportunity to take on and grow the business, continuing the work of the Sounness family.

Steve Meerwald has been working in agriculture since 1978 having spent most of his career in the domestic and international livestock sectors. With former customers and clients around Australia and the globe, Steve is working on growing the client base so that the benefits of this amazing perennial grass can be shared with more enterprises. Together with his friend and colleague Tariq Butt, Steve owns a 475ha farm, The Lakes, at Woottating in the footills just East of Perth. In a program commencing in 2020, farm manager Phill Brownie has been converting 300ha to kikuyu-based perennial pastures with oversown annuals providing Winter feed with the aim of doubling stocking capacity and more than doubling lamb production, all based on our kikuyu pasture base.

Supported by his partner Jill and sons Jordan (who was an integral part of the initial harvest) and Connor, Tamgaree Kikuyu will continue to provide personalised service as family businesses do so well.

Garry Robinson and Paul Brown are both former colleagues of Steve’s, the three having worked together on projects locally and in several overseas markets. The inaugural harvest was led by Paul with Jordan, Garry and Steve, under the watchful eye of Morgan, sharing the responsibility as the team harvested 335 ha in 257 hours of harvesting covering 572 kms.