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Pasture & Harvest Methods

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Seed Purity

Up to 99% Pure

Order Volume

1kg and up - Kikuyu
25kg and up - Clover

Seeds Harvested

Whittet Kikuyu
Subterranean Clover

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Morgan spent more than 2 decades developing and refining management of his kikuyu pasture, harvest methods and seed business. Tamgaree Kikuyu has always been an evolving business and will continue this journey into the future.

Each harvest starts with the management of next seasons kikuyu through selective weed control and grazing pressure to ensure that each paddock has maximum kikuyu that has set seed, minimising other pasture and weeds to be able to harvest the cleanest sample.

Even so, Tamgaree usually harvests similar amounts of clover and kikuyu each season, emphasising the importance of the cleaning process post-harvest.

Driven by a tractor using GPS navigation and auto steer the three heavily modified Horwood Bagshaw harvesters cover each paddock in ever reducing laps, each one spanning 6.4 metres.

The seed, at this stage a mix of kikuyu, clover and trash is placed into Bulka Bags on each farm and marked to identify the farm, paddock and where known, the original variety of subclover that was sown into that paddock.

At the end of each harvest the sample is sent for cleaning to a traditional works where gravity tables and sieves remove the trash and deliver clean kikuyu and clover samples together with a mixed kikuyu/clover product.


Optimize the Perfect Pasture

Tamgaree visits each harvest property several times to inspect the pasture and collaborate with each farmer to maximise the potential of each hectare to be harvested. Tamgaree remunerates each landowner on a royalty basis so the higher the kikuyu yield from each hectare the higher the return to the farmer.

Once summer hits and the kikuyu glooms dry to the point they can be broken off the runners on which they have formed, our real work begins. Through a proprietary methodology developed by Morgan the glooms are separated from the kikuyu pasture base so that they can be vacuumed into the harvest train as it progresses across the pasture at an average 2.7 kms per hour.


Optical Sorting

Tamgaree have now invested in an optical sorter so as we can clean seed to a higher specification so that it can be shipped to international markets where phytosanitary demands require seed to be cleaned to 98% purity or higher.

Our new optical sorter has already proven it can take 87% pure sample to 98.5% on three passes, each pass sorting by shape, colour, and size to remove clover and trash from the clean kikuyu sample. With the opportunity to pass seed through the machine multiple times Tamgaree is confident it can optically sort seed to the most demanding requirements.

Once sorted Tamgaree kikuyu seed is available for sale from a 1 kg order to commercial orders measured in tonnes, all having been prepared, harvested, cleaned, and sorted to the same meticulous standards.

Tamgaree Kikuyu