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Seed Supply and Orders

Seed Supply and Orders

Seed Purity

Up to 99% Pure

Order Volume

1kg and up - Kikuyu
25kg and up - Clover

Seeds Harvested

Whittet Kikuyu
Subterranean Clover

Seed Enquiries

Contact us

Kikuyu grass seed is harvested from pastures on farms around Wellstead on the Western Australian southern coast and is cleaned by a registered seed cleaner. We operate our own optical sorter that further cleans seed to meet more exacting standards for export markets or particular local orders. Our seed is tested by the Western Australian Dept of Agriculture to verify purity and germination %.

Our method of harvest yields some sub clover seed (a legume – which provides a nitrogen boost to the kikuyu plant) and we have the equipment to sort kikuyu/clover mixes to customer specification where required.

Seed Orders

Please ring 0403 389 189 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for current prices and to place an expression of interest or an order.

Payment is required in advance unless other arrangements have been made.

Seed is supplied to clients as per individual requirements. Seed is either sold in 25kg bags or we can package down to a minimum of 1 kg for small orders. Clover is packed in 500kg bulk bags but can be broken down for smaller orders as needed.

Delivery within Australia is by Australia Post, courier or your designated carrier. Local Western Australian clients may choose to collect from our Woottating farm.

Tamgaree Kikuyu